Homoeopathy Awareness Week 10-16 April 2021

10th April is the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy!
This marks the start of Homoeopathy Awareness Week, which Shoreham Homoeopathy will be celebrating with a **PROMOTIONAL OFFER EACH DAY**. Keep in touch to see what's in store!
The best way to learn how homoeopathy can help you, is to hear it straight from the mouths of those who have experienced it! So each day we will share a testimonial. To kick-start this, check out the lovely film made by 4Homeopathy.
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UN Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women

25th November marks the UN Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women.


HISC (Homeopathy in the Sussex Community) trustee, Jo Magowan, has written an article highlighting the importance of the work that HISC does to support women & children who have been affected by abuse.


Please visit the HISC site to read the full article: https://www.homeopathysussex.org.uk/post/support-in-dark-times


Food/Drink Fermenting Workshops

These are currently on hold due to national lockdown. Updates to follow.

Book a space using the contact form or phone 01273 462660/email shorehamhomoeopath@gmail.com

Prize Winner!

The Making Cases Count initiative was set up to collect vital information on the problems that people consult homoeopaths for help with & how they respond to treatment. Therese collated data from patients treated at the Rise survivors of domestic violence clinic in Brighton. Of those treated throughout 2014, 58% reported an improvement in their primary symptom! Therese won joint third prize for the data provided from this project.