A gentle and holistic therapy, homoeoapthy is suitable for people of any age, including in pregnancy.


Treatment consists of a thorough consultation with Therese Eriksen, registered and insured homoeopath, lasting up to one hour for the first appointment and 45 minutes for subsequent appointments.


Monthly follow-ups are recommended until there is improvement.


Adults £40

Children £35


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New Mother Offer

Up to 6 weeks following the birth of a baby, a home visit can be made within the local area to treat mother and baby at a cost of just £50.


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The Remedy

This usually comes in the form of one or more small tablets to be taken orally on a clean palate. Sometimes a tincture may be prescribed, a few drops to be taken in water.




 "...[Homoeopathy] cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer, more economical, and the most complete medical science." Mahatma Gandhi