Client Testimonials

Treatment of Warts on Hand

For 7 years I had a collection of unsightly warts across my knuckles on my left hand. They continued to grow in number and when they reached double figures I decided that action was needed! I had successfully used homoeopathy to treat my children and booked in with Therese at Shoreham Homoeopathy. The warts responded almost immediately to the remedy and after an initial worsening of symptoms they started to clear. They have all now disappeared and 2 years later have not returned.

J Deighton, Shoreham by Sea


Severe Tonsillitis

As a patient who is unwilling to attend the normal GP, I was so glad to have a visit from Therese when I had severe tonsillitis. Taking a remedy quickly relieved my symptoms and I was back to full health in no time.

C. Warwick, Shoreham by Sea


Recurring Ear Infections

I approached Therese Eriksen to help with my son's recurring ear infections (he was 1 at the time). She has continued to be on hand for minor ailments over the past few years and I am so pleased with my son's response to the homoeopathic treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Therese Eriksen has also been immensely supportive during my continued homoeopathic treatment. Her holistic approach is a realistic one and she understands the pressures of modern lifestyles and how this might affect the treatment. She is wonderfully approachable and never judges which makes her easy to trust and open up to.

J. Kelly, Worthing


Under-active Thyroid

I went to see Therese Eriksen after being diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. I had no energy and suffered with terrible PMT. I've had an amazing response to the remedies and am back to my normal energy levels for the first time in ages. Following recent blood tests with my doctor my thyroid levels are now within the normal range. I'm so glad that I tried homoeopathy as I really didn't want to end up taking Thyroxine for the rest of my life!

H. Degnen, Worthing


Duplex Kidney

When my daughter was diagnosed with a duplex kidney, double collecting system and ureterocele as a baby, I was keen to find an alternative way of supporting her immune system and strengthen her kidney function, particularly as she was put on daily antibiotic medicine on an ongoing basis. Therese Eriksen was recommended to us by our chiropractor and from that point forwards homoeopathy positively emerged into the lives of my family. My daughter not only enjoyed the sessions with Therese but responded incredibly to each remedy prescribed, to the point that even the urology consultant was amazed at the strong function within her duplex kidney. At the same time, my son had been suffering from persistent chest infections so again I consulted Therese on the best course forward and after just a few sessions and periods of treatment he seemed to fight off the infections more quickly and his general wellbeing noticeably improved. Over the past 3 years I have turned to homoeopathy myself over traditional medicine for a variety of complaints including severe urticaria, tonsillitis and hormonal issues - all of which have been treated effectively using homoeopathic remedies. I have taken a keen interest in homoeopathy as an alternative approach to medicine to the point where I have considered taking up a beginner's course myself!

J James, Worthing